7 Reasons Your Cat Will Love Da Bird [Kitten Video]

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

We’re here to tell you about your cat’s new favorite toy: Da Bird! Da Bird is a surprisingly simple, engaging toy that is sure to entertain kittens and older felines alike. Even the most stubborn cats are intrigued by Da Bird and its ingenious design! We tested it out on some kittens to see how they react! Check out the video below! 1. It looks like a bird! When the toy is flittering through the […]

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Cool Pups Freezer Pops Review

Summer is almost here! Imagine sitting on a patio having a refreshing drink or maybe an ice cream to cool yourself off. You look down and your best friend is there with you, chomping away on their own refreshing and cooling treat. You’re both so happy and feeling good! I’m here to tell you that you can make this vision a reality! Grab your pup and their Cool Pup Cooling toy and head to a […]

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