Predator Gone Silent: The Rattlesnake Debate

Predator Gone Silent rattlesnake on desert background

  There is one sound that no one in Arizona wants to hear when they are out hiking or camping: the telltale rattle of a rattlesnake. Even though hearing it may freak you out, it is actually helpful. We all know exactly what that rattle means, and are alerted to the fact that there is a rattlesnake nearby. If you are like most people, one of most important lessons you learned about snake encounters as […]

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Colorado River Toad Dangers

Living in the desert presents many dangers to our pets that are not seen in other parts of the country. As pet owners, we have to protect our pets from rattlesnakes, coyotes, javelinas, bobcats…and toads? You don’t often associate toads with the desert, but encounters with the Colorado River Toad, also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad, can be fatal. During monsoon season, Colorado River Toads are alerted by thunder that it is time to mate. […]

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