How to Help Your Cat Sleep Through the Night

Why your cat isn't sleeping through the night

We love our feline friends, but we don’t love when they wake us up 30 times a night by meowing or jumping on our chests! Have you ever wondered why your cat isn’t sleeping on the same schedule as the rest of your household? This post will tell you the top reasons why your cats might be awake in the wee hours, and give you some tips on how to help your cat sleep through […]

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5 Ways to Help Your Dog With Anxiety

5 ways to help your dog with anxiety

Anxiety can be the most uncomfortable feeling, and the worst part is that you don’t know why it is happening. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and all you can do is try to hang on. Dogs can have a similar relationship with anxiety. They can feel overwhelmed, and they don’t have a way to understand what is happening to them. It is our jobs as loving owners to help direct our dog’s energy and see it as […]

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The Story Of Hank

The story of hank

I’ve always been a maternal type; loved kids and animals and wanted to care for them. Most people my age were dating and trying to get into bars with fake IDs, and I was home with the man I knew I would marry. I was young when the urge to be a real grown up became too much to handle. My husband (boyfriend at the time) came home and found me in tears because a […]

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