Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Tucson

Slowly but surely, the weather is starting to cool down in Tucson. As a result, you might be getting outside and exercising with your dog. Here at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), we know that getting your dog adequate outdoor exercise during a hot Arizona summer can be challenging. Now that fall is technically here, the pavement will be cooling down and the risk of your dog overheating will reduce. That means it’s time to start getting into an exercise routine again! October 11th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. In honor of that, we’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly hiking trails for you.

1. Agua Caliente Hill Trail

This nine-mile round trip trail is located in northeast Tucson. If you’re up for the challenge, the beautiful views are worth the effort! Many hikers have said it is a great trail for hiking with a dog. Difficulty: difficult.

2. Cienega Creek Natural Preserve

This southeast Tucson preserve features a unique hike beside a stream that flows from Davidson Canyon to the Pantano Wash. You need a permit to hike this trail, but it is free and easy to obtain! Difficulty: easy.

3. Feliz Paseos Park

This west Tucson park features two miles of trails of varying difficulty. It is a universally accessible park. Despite the location right on the edge of town, Feliz Paseos Park is quiet, secluded, and a great place to spend a day. Difficulty: varies, but most of it is easy.

4. Robles Pass Loop Trail

The Robles Pass Trails Park is the southernmost part of Tucson Mountain Park. Located in southeast Tucson, this park features over 12 miles of trails of varying difficulties and lengths. Difficulty: moderate.

sweetwater preserve dog-friendly hiking trails

5. Sweetwater Preserve

Located in Northwest Tucson, this preserve has over 11 miles of trails of varying lengths. Mountain bikers, runners, hikers, horses, and dogs share these trails peacefully and respectfully. The trails are all relatively flat. Difficulty: easy to moderate.

6. Wild Burro Trail

This seven mile trail, located near Marana, is recommended for very experienced hikers. After the first two miles, the terrain becomes steep and rocky. People, dogs, and horses all use this trail. Difficulty: difficult.

7. Canyon Loop Trail

This two mile trail is located in Catalina State Park in north Tucson. This is a great hike for beautiful mountain views and a large variety of desert plant life. Difficulty: moderate.

butterfly trail dog-friendly hiking trails

8. Mt. Lemmon

There are no restrictions on dogs enjoying Mt. Lemmon’s various hiking trails. Enjoy! Difficulty: easy to difficult.

If you want more, make sure to check out’s list of dog friendly trails! If hiking with your dog is a passion of yours, consider joining the Canine Hiking Club of Arizona. There is also a great meetup group called Tucson Tails and Trails, where you can meet other dog lovers and their canine companions while going on great, dog-friendly hikes.

HSSA offers Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes, which gives your dog the tools they need to avoid rattlesnake bites when out on the trails. We only have two more dates this year, October 10th and 17th. Sign up now to reserve your spot! Check out Humphrey’s success story on the HSSA Facebook page. Also, check out Predator Gone Silent, which will tell you why you need to get your dog into Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes today!

Which of these trails is your favorite to hike with your dog? Are there any new ones you will try this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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