Monsoon Pet Safety

Monsoons come as a relief at the end of the hot summer, but the cooler temperatures bring out many hidden dangers to our pets!

Some of these dangers include flash floods, thunder storms, standing water, and mosquitoes, just to name a few!


Monsoons help bring our temperatures down. When it is cool outside, hiking with your dog is often a fun, sought after activity. This year, we have seen many flash floods come through popular hiking areas. Flash floods are unpredictable and dangerous. Instead of taking your dog for a hike, keep them safe at home, or take them to a local park where they can run and have fun without the dangers of flash floods. Keep your pets safe during monsoon season by following these monsoon pet safety tips.

Provide comfort to your dog during thunderstorms.

During monsoons, beautiful lightning storms light up the sky, and then boom…thunder. Many dogs are terrified of thunder storms.  You can help them by leaving them inside during storms and turning up the TV or radio to drown out the sound of thunder. You can also purchase a Thundershirt that will apply a gentle, constant pressure and help them feel more secure.

Check your yard for standing water.

After the rain passes there are often puddles of water left behind. Drinking from or splashing in puddles can be fun for pets, but standing water becomes a gathering place for parasites that can cause our pets to become ill. Make sure to check your yard for standing water and discard it, or add dirt to fill in lower areas.

Protect your pets against life threatening disease.

You have probably noticed the humidity in the air. Mosquitoes thrive in the humidity! It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito for your dog or cat to get heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is a potentially life threatening disease that has little to no symptoms in the early stages. Get your pet tested at HSSA’s Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic Wednesday or Saturday starting at 9 am. To prevent heartworm disease, keep your pet on a monthly preventative from your veterinarian. You can also purchase an Insect Shield for your pet. This is an odorless, non-toxic solution for keeping insects away from your pets.

Plan safer play times.

Monsoons are a good time to play at the park and cuddle on the couch with your favorite pets. Plan your hiking trips for after monsoon season, distract your pets during thunder storms, look out for standing water, and keep your pet on heartworm prevention. Keep your pets safe and fall will be here before you know it.

What are your favorite monsoon pet safety tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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