Craft for Cats (With a DIY Tutorial!)

Craft for Cats

Do you love to spoil your cat with love and toys?

Have you ever considered making your own toys? Join The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) on Friday, July 21st for our Craft for Cats event at Lucky Cat Social Art. You will have the option to take two different classes.

The first class will take place from noon to 5pm, and you will be able to make a variety of family-friendly, cat-themed crafts for only $10! You can pre-register or pay at the door. The crafts range from fun cat toys to decorative wall art to useful home goods. Stay as long as you like, and make as many crafts as you want – all materials are included! At the end of the class, take home your crafts or donate them to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!

The second class will take place from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and you will paint your own pop art portrait of your pet (or a shelter pet!). $30 covers your entry and all materials. There are only 30 tickets available to this event, so make sure you register today!

Can’t wait until July 21st?

Try making our DIY toy kabobs by following the 7 easy steps below.


  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Pen
  • Bottle cap
  • Cat!

7 easy steps

  1. Paint a piece of cardboard and let dry.
  2. Paint any design you want!
  3. Grab a bottle cap and trace it.
  4. Cut out 3-6 circles.
  5. Punch a hole in each circle.
  6. Run a string through each hole and tie the ends.
  7. Cut off loose ends and enjoy!

If you loved this craft, be sure to check out DIY Cat Toys in 6 easy steps, a Cute and Easy way to hide your Litter Box and Paw Print Painting with Shelter Dogs!

What’s your favorite pet craft? Let us know in the comments below!

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