Pet Resumes That Will Impress Your New Landlord

We’ve all been there. The moment when you find the perfect apartment that checks all of your boxes – and then you find out they don’t accept certain breeds of dogs, cats or any pets at all! It instantly crushes your dreams. But there may be another way…pet resumes that will impress your new landlord.

If you’ve found a home that is a great match for your lifestyle, but the landlord needs a little convincing, a pet resume is the way to go. Some landlords have aversions to breeds of dog that are often misunderstood, like Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, or Rottweilers, while others are anti-cat or anti-puppies. They are usually concerned about the temperament and friendliness of your pet, as well as the risk of your pet destroying their rental property during your stay. A pet resume is the best way to show your pet’s true personality, and it will also help you stand out among the other applicants! Impressive pet resumes can be quick, easy, and fun to make.

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

Pet resumes are much like human resumes. Express your pet’s best attributes, their “qualifications” or completed training courses, and mastered commands. Plus, provide references that will vouch for your wonderful pet!

1. Start with your pet’s name and a current, clear, and appealing photo of your pet.

It is important to show your pet in a positive light. Try to get the clearest and best quality photo you can get of your pet. Show your pet in a friendly and appealing pose, like with your cute kids.

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

2. Include your pet’s age, breed, and weight.

This part of your pet’s resume needs to be completely transparent and be an accurate representation of your pet. Expect to pleasantly surprise your potential landlord by showing off the fact that you are taking responsibility and ownership over your pet. Often times, the weight of your dog or their breed can be factors when renting an apartment. Guessing a dog’s weight simply by looking at them can be tricky, and guessing a breed can often times be impossible! This is a great time to attach supplemental material to your pet’s resume, like their weight from their most recent visit to the vet, or a doggy DNA test that can likely be found at your local animal shelter (like this one in Tucson).

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

3. Highlight your pet’s certifications, training, and major accomplishments.

Did your pet go through Canine College and master sit, stay, and lay down? Is your pet a Comfort Dog that is trained to soothe and remain gentle and calm in stressful situations? Is your pet crate trained, and comfortable being left home alone? Make sure to mention any and all of your pet’s awesome best behaviors here.

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

4. Provide proof of vaccinations, adoption paperwork, and a bill of health.

Your landlord will be happy to know that your pet is healthy, spayed or neutered, and most of all that you are an experienced and responsible pet owner. To make sure your pet has been spayed or neutered and is up to date on vaccinations, check with your vet. If you’re in Tucson, visit The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA)’s Clinic for monthly promotions.

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

5. Provide character references for your beloved pet.

Ask your friends or family members to write testimonials about your pet, then include them in your pet resume! The most important testimonial should come from your previous landlord, stating that you and your pets were wonderful tenants!

Pet resumes that will impress your new landlord

Click here for a list of Tucson pet friendly rental properties and 5 Tips for Apartment Living with Dogs! 

Do you have any tips for creating a great pet resume? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy renting!

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