5 Reasons Why You’re the Lucky One When You Rescue A Pet!

People always say how lucky shelter dogs are to find their forever home, but we think the adopters are the lucky ones!

Check out this heart warming story from an HSSA Director on 5 Reasons Why You’re the Lucky One When You Rescue A Pet. Plus, meet one shelter dog that is looking for a home in Tucson, Arizona!

Little Molly, a Miniature Pinscher, came into my life 4 years ago. The shelter we rescued her from didn’t know much about her history, except that when she was brought in, the previous owner’s reason for giving her up was that they had “too many dogs”. The day we brought her home we didn’t realize how lucky we were and how much love this sweet, little shelter dog would bring into our lives! 

It was clear from some of the physical signs she had that she had been a breeding dog, and had already had at least 2 litters of puppies – probably more. Her behavior was more telling. She had serious food aggression, and would relieve herself right next to her food and water bowls. She was incredibly fearful of loud noises, fast movements, and any man that came into the room. All the signs pointed toward her having lived the first few years of her life in very close quarters, around lots of other dogs, possibly underfed, definitely neglected, most likely abused.

Friends and family would say to me, “Molly is so lucky to have you”, but I know that I am the lucky one! Here are 5 reasons why adopters are the lucky ones when they rescue a shelter pet, plus pictures of some HSSA staff and volunteers enjoying life with their shelter pets! 

5 Reasons Why You're the Lucky One When You Rescue A Pet 5 Reasons Why You're the Lucky One When You Rescue A Pet

1. They Keep You Healthy!

If you have a dog, you need to walk them regularly. And even the most docile of house cats need play as part of his or her daily activity. This means you get to move about, too! Thanks to your pet, you stay active and healthy. You can even take your dog camping! Research shows that pets help lower our stress levels, and can have positive impacts on our cognitive function, too!

2. They Help You Make New Friends.

All those trips to the dog park are bound to find you bumping into other dog owners (if you’re in Tucson, check out our Dog Park Tour). And because they are fellow dog owners, you know you already have something in common! Sharing stories about how you found your furry friend, what their quirks are, and helpful tips and hints (check out our Tips and Tricks section for info you can share) are bound to help you navigate small-talk and make real connections with other people. So, not only do you get a new best furry-friend; you also get some new friends of the human variety!

3. They allow you to express your artistic side!

From taking cute pics of your pet, to paw painting with your dog, to making hidden retreats for your kitty’s litter box, the possibilities to be creative with and for your pets are endless! We’ve got a whole section on how pet lovers can get crafty. My favorite thing to do for Molly is to make her special homemade doggy treats (she loves these meatballs), and I’m pretty sure it’s her favorite way for me to get crafty around the house, too!

4. They teach your little ones how to love and care for others.

At HSSA, we’re all about teaching the next generation of pet lovers and animal advocates. Nothing does that better for a child than to experience the human/animal bond first-hand. From teaching them how to be responsible, to helping them build empathy, pets really do make a difference in the lives of children who care for them.

5. They will love you no matter what.

From dressing them up in goofy clothes, to posting their latest misdeed on social media. Pets will never complain that the lighting isn’t right, or that you’ve embarrassed them in front of their friends. They won’t tell you that you should lose weight, or that the color of blue you’re wearing is wrong for you. They just love you, no matter what. How much luckier could you be, to have someone who loves you unconditionally?

It’s our responsibility to be sure we are worthy of that unconditional love, and that we realize just how lucky we are to have that kind of love in our lives. Want to show your pet how grateful you are to have them in your life? Check out 7 Ways to Show Your Pet That You Love Them

Are you ready for your lucky break and looking to adopt a homeless dog? Meet Elmer! This handsome 3 year old boy has been without a home for over two months. However, thanks to supporters like you, HSSA doesn’t have to put a time limit on his life. Share with your friends in Tucson who are looking to add a little luck to their lives!

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