Live Happier With Your Spayed or Neutered Pet

There are so many benefits when it comes to spaying or neutering your pets, including their health and your sanity! Keep reading to find out why spayed and neutered pets are healthier and happier companions.

It’s good for their health.

Spayed or Neutered Pets Live Happier Lives

Pets that are spayed and neutered will live a healthier life. Reproductive cancers are eliminated in male pets once they are neutered, and the earlier you spay your female pet, the lower her risk will be for contracting breast tumors and uterine cancers. There are no proven studies linking altering your pet with loss of energy (or delight in squeaky toys).

It’s good for their future.

Pregnant pets are brought into the care of animal shelters every single day. If your unaltered cat or dog gets out of your home, it is likely that they will impregnate another pet or become pregnant themselves. When people realize their pets are going to give birth to a litter, they will often bring them into the care of a shelter because of the problems and costs that are associated with babies. By altering your pet, you reduce their urge to escape from your home, and lower their risk of being exposed to other unaltered (and under-vaccinated) pets.

It’s good for your community.

Spayed or Neutered Pets Live Happier Lives Spayed or Neutered Pets Live Happier Lives

By leaving your pet unaltered, you are putting other animals at risk of traumatic experiences. Because animals will go to great lengths to find a mate, oftentimes unsuspecting pet owners will find themselves caring for a pregnant animal, which could lead to expensive vet bills. The mama dog pictured above was impregnated by a large breed dog that roams around her neighborhood. Because her puppies were so large, she became unable to move and needed an emergency c-section, which cost over $1,000! Mama and puppies are lucky to be alive in this tragic (but completely preventable) situation.

Want to go the extra mile and help fewer homeless pets be born? Research and participate in your community’s trap-neuter-return program! Programs like this help reduce the birth of unwanted cats in feral communities.

It’s good for your sanity.

Spayed or Neutered Pets Live Happier Lives

Spayed or neutered pets will give you peace of mind. When pets are not spayed or neutered, they have a tendency to go to great lengths to find a mate. This might mean finding sneaky ways to get out of your house or yard. When an unaltered pet finds themselves out on the street looking for a mate, they are at a great risk for dangers, including fights with other pets and walking into traffic. Altering your cat will likely stop yell-meowing that is used to attract mates. Spayed or neutered pets are happier because they no longer think about mating and are able to focus on living their life as healthy companions.

Need more convincing? Check out the top spay and neuter myths debunked!

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