Give Your Feral Cats Shelter and A Chance to Survive the Winter

There will be no need to worry about your feline friends when the temperature drops with this easy feral cat shelter!

These DIY feral cat shelters won’t break the bank, and will help your feral cats be more comfortable and safe.

Cats that spend time outdoors are exposed to a variety of risks, including the weather (yes, even in Tucson). If you care for a community of feral cats, it is normal to wonder whether or not they are comfortable when it rains or the temperature drops at night.

This is the easiest and cheapest way to keep your feral felines warm and cozy. We’ve included links to buy the materials if you don’t have them lying around your garage! Make sure to read on for smart tips regarding Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) services, and where to get a free humane feral cat trap.

Keep in mind that cats rely on body heat to keep warm, so your feral cat shelter should be compact. If you have a multiple cats in your colony, we suggest providing a variety of shelters to keep each cat warm and dry.

A plastic bin can save a cat’s life when the temperatures drop.

Easy Feral Cat Shelter
Photo from World’s Best Cat Litter

This feral cat shelter is perfect if you have extra storage bins laying around and want to put them to good use. These two bins, insulated with hay, are perfect for a single cat or maybe a mama that is looking to get her babies out of wet weather. This is where you get the rubber and bins, plus, if you purchase them while logged into your Amazon Smile account, a portion of every sale will be donated to the The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) to help homeless pets.

Not into DIY, but still worried about your feral friends?

Don’t worry! Here are a few inexpensive options available for purchase.

If you don’t want to make your own feral cat shelter, there are affordable options to give you peace of mind and give your feral cats a cozy place to take cover.

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House (heated)

Easy Feral Cat Shelter
Photo from

This cozy little house is heated, easy to assemble, and less than $60. If you only have a couple of feral cats around your house, this is the perfect option to keep them safe from weather!

Petsfit Outdoor Kitty House 

Feral Cat Shelter
Photo from

This little, rustic barn-inspired feral cat house will be the perfect shelter when filled with hay! It costs less than $60, but will only fit one cat. There is a front door for cats to enter, plus an escape door to keep cats safe from predators! Check out this review from a verified Amazon customer.

This is for a feral cat that comes to our house every night. Last winter she looked SO cold. Winters in Wisconsin can be brutal. I am happy to say that every night she is now snuggled up inside this little house. I also bought a pet heating pad to plug in for the below zero nights. It has two floor pieces so you can lift up the floor and fit the cord to the heating pad under the house. Easy to put together and well made. Its a red stained color but in the spring I am going to paint it hunter green to match our house. Its VERY cute as an added bonus!”

If you care for a feral cat community, they might need more than shelter to live healthy lives.

Practicing TNR with your feral cat communities is necessary to control over-population and to help maintain the health of feral cats. According to Alley Cat Allies, if humanely trapped, sterilized, and returned to their homes, feral cats will stop exhibiting mating behaviors like roaming, yelling, spraying, and fighting!

By removing the stress of mating and pregnancy you help the feral cats you care for live a happier life. If you are in the Tucson area, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona provides free TNR services for the public at our Spay and Neuter Clinic.

For tips on how to humanely trap feral cats, check out the Feral Cat Coalition and contact your local Humane Society or animal control center for information on how to obtain a free humane cat trap. Here is a list of organizations that loan humane feral traps to the public in the Tucson area.

Tucson Feral Coalition 
[email protected] 

PAWsitively Cats
[email protected]

Tucson CARES 
[email protected] 

How do you keep your feral cats warm? Leave us a comment below!

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