Holiday Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

Your pets might not be as annoyed as you when it comes to your brother-in-law, but the holiday season can still be stressful for furry friends!

Check out this list of 5 things that put you in the holiday spirit, but could land your pet at an emergency vet visit (talk about a buzz-kill).

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

1. The hustle and bustle!

If you’re having guests over and your home is a little more hectic than usual, make sure to give your pet a safe place to “get away from it all”. Check out this link for a great cat cave, or a DIY version!

2. The decorations!

Ribbons, tinsel and shiny wrapping paper can be alluring, and look like fun playthings to your pets. But if your pet ingests these things, you’re going to find yourself in a holiday pickle once your vet bill comes.

3. The festive plants

Mistletoe, poinsettia plants, holly and potpourri can all be toxic to pets if eaten. Keep plants out of reach or opt for an artificial, pet-safe version to decorate your home. Check out this exhaustive list of everything that’s toxic for your pets!

4. The candles!

There is nothing more beautiful than lit candles during the holidays! Make sure to put out all flames when you aren’t able to supervise your pets. Or, order these flameless options today to make sure your festive decor is safe for everyone!

5. Oh, Christmas Tree!

Christmas trees are a fun way to be festive, but make sure that you use pet friendly shatterproof ornaments, cover up the tree water, and secure the tree to the wall or ceiling to prevent any accidents with your furry friends. Check out these DIY tips from home guru Martha Stewart on how to pet-proof your Christmas tree!

A trip to the vet is never fun, so stay safe this holiday season, and check out these dogs singing Jingle Bells to help keep you in the spirit!

Do you have any tips on keeping pets safe during the holidays? Leave us a comment below.

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