Don’t Bully My Bully

Don't Bully My Bully

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is celebrating with cute pit bull pics, awesome Don’t Bully My Bully merchandise, and some important knowledge!

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is a managed intake facility, meaning that we are not required to take in every owner released dog or stray brought in by good Samaritans. Our facility requires an appointment and a fee. Through this system, we are able to give more time and care to the pets that are in our shelter! This also allows us to keep more pets in their homes by providing assistance (food and behavior). Our shelter has saved over 1 million pets in our 72 years of existence.

An HSSA staff member must approve each of the dogs in our care. For approval, a dog must show no signs of aggression towards humans. They must also be able to get along with a kennel mate.

HSSA never discriminates against a dog because of their breed. We believe that breed discrimination is an unfair practice.

When you walk through a shelter it may seem surprising how many “pit bulls” are in need of homes. However, less than 13% of the dogs that found their forever home through HSSA (since October 2015) were actually listed as a “pit bull” or “pit bull mix”. Breeds are not as clear-cut anymore, because of unaltered pets and their unplanned litters of puppies.

Check out these 5 adoptable dogs that are listed as “pit bull mixes” and then take the Pick the Pit quiz to see if you can spot the pure-bred pitty!

If you’re local and thinking of adopting or currently have a “pit bull”, there are 12 apartment complexes in Tucson that forego breed restrictions to avoid discriminating against any dogs.

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Don't Bully My Bully Don't Bully My Bully Don't Bully My Bully

Check out these celebrities who have adopted pit bulls, and if you have a lovable pit bull in your life tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. I have a pit mix. Her name is Oreo and she was my birthday gift to myself. I have always wanted a dog that would follow me every where and be my best friend. Oreo is just that dog. She is amazing. I lived with my parents for a bit and Oreo demonstrated an exceptional skill/ability that I had no clue she had. In the middle of the night, Oreo woke me up. I was a bit upset, but then she kept looking at the door and then back at me. It was like she was telling me to get up. So I did. She walked me to my parent’s bedroom where I found my Mother on the floor suffering from a reaction. I was blown away. Oreo knew! This is one of many amazing stories about this amazing dog.

  2. I have had 3 pit bulls and have 2 at the moment. All of them have been sweet and lovable, showering you with kisses, and wanting to cuddle more than other breeds. One of the pit bulls I have now is the most laid back dog I have ever known. I would get another pittie in an instant except that i have 4 dogs right now.

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