Ticks? Yuck!

With the humid weather in Tucson acting up, you might have seen some creepy crawly critters on your four-legged friends after a hike or jog, but don’t worry! Our friends at Carrington College have put together an easy to read infographic to teach you what to do when you encounter a tick on your pet!

How To Fight a Tick Infestation

We spend a lot of time and effort to make our dogs healthy and happy, but often, it’s the small things in life that can affect a dog profoundly. Tiny ticks don’t just pose a nuisance to your dog; they can also cause serious harm. According to the CDC, the American dog tick is spread out over almost the entire country, except for a few lucky mountain states, thus representing a risk whenever your dog is outdoors. However, you can fight a tick infestation with a few simple tricks.

Start by knowing what ticks look like: small, dark colored, with eight legs. Whenever your dog comes back in from outside, make certain to check them thoroughly, including behind the ears and between the paws. If you find a telltale bump, don’t fret, but pull it out carefully with a pair of tweezers. Carrington reminds pet owners to also put the tick in a bag with isopropyl alcohol afterwards, so a veterinarian can check it for any diseases that might affect your pooch.

Learn more about how to check for and remove ticks from your pets by reading the guide below.


Infographic created and submitted by Monica Gomez and Carrington College.

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Have you ever found a tick on your pet? How do you keep your pet tick-free? Let us know in the comments below.

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