Summertime Frozen Dog Treats

Summertime Frozen Dog Treats

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It’s summertime! As the weather heats up, what is better than a nice, refreshing, frozen treat? Your dog deserves one too!

At The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), we keep our pets in air-conditioned kennels and monitor activity to make sure pets stay cool and comfortable. We also treat our dogs with special, frozen treats and play time in our beloved kiddie pools.

Check out the tutorial video below for this easy, frozen dog treat recipe and watch shelter dogs Daria and Wrenn enjoy the finished product!


Summer Time Frozen Dog Treats


This is so easy and you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen!

Simply fill the trays with chicken broth and cut up apples (remove apple seeds and core).

They will need to freeze for approximately 2-3 hours.

Summer Time Frozen Dog Treats

Dogs will go nuts for these frozen treats. It is a great way to cool them down and reward them. If your dog loves to swim, you can throw these treats into a kiddie pool to encourage them. This easy recipe is too effective and simple to pass up!

Summer Time Frozen Dog Treats

Do you have a favorite dog treat recipe? We want to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below!

Summer Time Frozen Dog Treats

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Summer Time Frozen Dog Treats

Make these summer time frozen dog treats for your pets this summer and share this post with your friends.

Leave us a comment below letting us know if you made these treats and how they turned out!

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  1. Take plain yogurt and mix peanut butter. Scoop into 3 or 5 ounce dixie cups, cover with wrap and freeze. Dogs love them!

  2. Crush up a favorite dog biscuit treat and mix it with plain Greek yogurt. Spread in dog bone shaped mold or ice cube molds. Freeze, pop out of mold and put in freezer bag. To make the treat last longer, remove a portion a bit before serving and press it into the bottom of a non-metal dog bowl. Put it back into the freezer until it sticks to the bottom of the bowl. This will let the dog lick it to eat instead of just gulping it down.

  3. I think the yogurt, peanut butter and Apple would make a great filler for a Kong toy. Simply stuff a piece of apple in the bottom to “seal the deal” then freeze the Kong.

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