Cedar Creek Fire Evacuation [UPDATE VIDEO]

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The Cedar Creek Fire has been devastating Show Low, and The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) is ready to help. We will be safely transporting the many animals at risk back to our facility.

Now, we need YOUR help to assist as many animals as possible.

As many as 100 animals are currently in the care of shelters at risk in the fire. Six Humane Society staff members are headed to Show Low to assist in the rescue. We will shelter these animals at our facilities in Tucson.

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary action, and we need your help to cover the costs of this rescue operation. These funds are not in our budget, but the budget takes a back seat when animals need us the most.

We are asking for gifts of $50 per person or more, but please give whatever you can. Please share that you made a donation with your friends, family, and social media, so we can cast the widest net possible in supporting these pets.


The more support we receive, the more we can do for the animals today, tomorrow, and into the future as we work to find their forever homes. Thank you for your tax-deductible gift of support.

Check back here for updates on the animals and more information on the transfer.


Cedar Creek Update Graphic

We’ve completed the transport of 30 shelter dogs who were in danger from the Cedar Creek Fire!

Our team got back to HSSA Main Campus around four this morning after a long, 12-hour round trip. We brought back dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Some have medical issues, but we know we can help them find their forever home! These dogs were being temporarily crated in a makeshift shelter set up in a school football field in Snowflake, AZ. A local resident was able to take the shelter cats to be housed safely.

We are so lucky, as an organization, to have the support of people like you when horrible circumstances like the Cedar Creek Fire arise!

Even though the pets are in our care, this mission is not complete until every one of them is adopted! Don’t forget that we can’t do this without your help and donations. Stay tuned to our Facebook to see when the dogs will be available for adoption!

Please make your donation to the Cedar Creek Fire emergency transport fund today!

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