7 Reasons Your Cat Will Love Da Bird [Kitten Video]

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

We’re here to tell you about your cat’s new favorite toy: Da Bird!

Da Bird is a surprisingly simple, engaging toy that is sure to entertain kittens and older felines alike. Even the most stubborn cats are intrigued by Da Bird and its ingenious design! We tested it out on some kittens to see how they react! Check out the video below!

1. It looks like a bird!

When the toy is flittering through the air it looks so realistic it shocked us, and the cats we tested it on!7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

2. It sounds like a bird!

The movement of the feathers causes a distinct sound that you don’t get with most wand cat toys. The bird-like sounds attract cats immediately and aren’t annoying like cat toys that chirp!

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

3. The feather attachments are affordable and replaceable!

Once your cats have destroyed the feathers after hours of fun, you can get a replacement for as little as $5 at PAWSH La Encantada or PAWSH Park Place!

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

4. It’s a Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) Staff favorite and a top seller at our PAWSH stores!

We’ve tested Da Bird with shelter cats and while entertaining our own cats at home. We’ve determined that adopted and adoptable cats alike love this toy!

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

5. HSSA carries Da Bird at all 3 of our PAWSH locations for $9.99!

Plus, shopping at PAWSH is always tax-free and every dollar spent helps save a shelter pet!

7 reasons your cat will love Da Bird [KITTEN VIDEO]

6. Da Bird is a simple product and it works!

The design, subtle noises, and texture resemble birds so much that it brings all ages of cats out to explore. Even the laziest cats can’t resist Da Bird, and will come out to get some exercise and important play time!


7. This toy is 100% made in America.

We promise your cats will have a blast with this toy. Do you have any cat toys that exceeded your expectations? We want to hear about them! Leave us a comment below and we will check it out!

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