Cool Pups Freezer Pops Review

Summer is almost here! Imagine sitting on a patio having a refreshing drink or maybe an ice cream to cool yourself off. You look down and your best friend is there with you, chomping away on their own refreshing and cooling treat. You’re both so happy and feeling good!

I’m here to tell you that you can make this vision a reality! Grab your pup and their Cool Pup Cooling toy and head to a dog friendly patio near you!

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These bright and colorful toys are shaped like ice cream cones and popsicles. Plus, they are scented, and come in raspberry, orange, melon, and blueberry. I purchased the blueberry-scented blue popsicle for my dog!

What makes the Cool Pup Cooling toy functional is the fact that it can be frozen. Fill these toys with water and freeze for a few hours. This will give your dogs an icy-cool way to combine the awesome fun of ice cubes and chew toys!

I love this toy for a few reasons.

First, it’s durable when it’s frozen. Both my dogs chewed on this toy and I didn’t have to worry about them tearing it apart and eating the pieces! A Cool Pup frozen toy would make a great teething toy for puppies. The coolness will help soothe their gums, and the softness of the rubber will keep it from being too tough.


Second, I gave this toy to my dog after we went for a long walk, and I felt it helped cool his body down. He took the popsicle and licked it until the ice melted before he would get a drink.

Finally, it didn’t make a mess. I thought that once the ice melted it would leave a puddle of water on the floor, but that wasn’t the case. My dogs kept licking the toy after the ice melted, so there were only a few drops of water left in the toy when they were done.

The only critique I have is the durability of the toy once thawed. My dog continued to chew on this toy long after the water was gone, and she punctured it after a few days. So, I wouldn’t leave your pet unattended with it for hours at a time!

Cool Pup Cooling toys are so cute and help pass the time when you know your pup needs some help literally chilling out! Plus, they’re only $7.99! Cool Pup also makes portable bowls, cooling mats, and splash pools! We carry Cool Pup products at PAWSH La Encantada.

Watch this video of shelter pups loving the Cool Pup popsicle!

Have you ever tried a Cool Pup Cooling toy? Did you and your dog like it? Let us know in the comments below.

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