Camping With Your Dogs

Camping is a common activity in Arizona, and when you hit the trails, there is no one better to bring along than your best furry friend! Do you know everything you need to know? Read through this post to make sure you are ready to go camping with your dogs.

camping dogs

There are some things you need to consider when you are deciding if your dog would enjoy a camping trip! You want to make sure that everyone has a good time during the trip, and a miserable pup can cut your trip short! Ask yourself these questions to see if taking your dog camping is a wise choice.

  • Does your dog enjoy car rides?
  • How well does your dog get along with other people and animals?
  • Does your dog mind being dirty or outdoors?
  • Does your dog get anxiety when placed in new situations or environments?
  • Are there any health issues you need to consider?

If you think your dog will enjoy a camping trip as much as your grizzly significant other, then it’s time to pack! If this is your first trip with your pup, then you’ll need to pick up some supplies!


Before we get any further, check to see if the campsite you’re staying in allows dogs.

It would be a bummer to show up ready to camp, only to have the Park Ranger ask you to leave or even worse, write you a ticket. Check out BringFido to find dog-friendly campgrounds worldwide!

Supplies you will need:

1. Food and water!

Make sure you bring enough drinking water for you and your pet! Bring a collapsible water bowl or a familiar dish if your dog is picky. Bring enough food for as long as you’ll be away, and don’t forget the treats! Make sure Fido doesn’t feel left out while you’re roasting marshmallows. Bring some specialty treats that your pet normally doesn’t get at home.

dog bed

2. Bedding!

You can bring your pet’s favorite bed if you don’t mind it getting a little dirty! Make sure to wash it thoroughly before putting it back in your home to avoid bringing any little critters home with you! While your dog might love playing in the muck all day, they might be most comfortable sleeping sans dirt. This is where an elevated camping bed comes in handy! My dog loves his! You can also bring a crate if you think your dog would be more comfortable this way. Take a couple of trips and see what your pup likes best, since practice makes perfect in cases like this!

3. A leash and a crate!

Your dog should be leashed or crated during your whole camping experience. The last thing you need is for your pup to run up to a skunk and come back stinky and upset! I’ve been there, and you won’t want to sleep in the same tent as your stinky dog after that, trust me. Also, when a dog’s little nose is excited, they can end up far away from camp without realizing it. It’s important that you keep an eye on them the whole time.


4. Blankets and towels!

Your dog will get dirty while you’re camping, and you probably will too! Make sure you bring extra towels and blankets, especially if your camping trip includes swimming or if the forecast shows any chance of rain! If your dog is long-haired, you might want to pack a dog brush. That way, you can comb out any tangles or mats as they occur, and have less hard work to do after the trip!

5. A first aid kit!

Camping can sometimes mean you are far away from your home…and your vet!  If this is the case, you will want to have a fully stocked first aid kit for yourself and for your dog. Make sure you buy a dog-specific first aid kit. I keep mine in my car for emergencies!


6. Just a few more things!

Make sure your dog is FULLY VACCINATED before taking them on any trip. In the wilderness, your dog may come in contact with wild animals or ticks. Therefore, it’s really important that your pet has their rabies vaccination up to date and is protected against Lyme disease and heartworm disease. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA)’s vaccination clinic can help you get your dog’s vaccinations up to date before your summer vacay!


Always keep a current ID tag on your dog. Things can get hectic and your pet may get away from you during your travels. This is good way to ensure they get back to you. The BEST way to keep your dog identified at all times is to have them micro-chipped if you haven’t already.


Most of all, have a fun time with your best furry friend during your outdoors trip! Camping can be a great bonding experience, and rewarding for owner and pet alike!

Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I really wish you’d also reminded people to clean up after their dogs, and not to let them wander into and urinate on people’s camping things. There are so many dog feces down Fossil Creek that I don’t swim there anymore. It is really sad that people who clean up after their dogs in their neighborhoods don’t in campgrounds and on trails.

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