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insect shield with sadie

With weather warming up, it’s the perfect time of year to take your dogs for a hike, a swim, or pack up your car and head to a campsite.

This is also the time of year that insects start to become a problem. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA)’s PAWSH La Encantada supervisor and fellow pet lover, Allana Erickson, knows all about the struggle with outside pests. She wants to help you keep your pet safe from the diseases that can be spread through bug bites (OUCH!) on dogs and cats! Insect Shield Repellent Gear is a great product that HSSA is happy to carry at our PAWSH locations! Check it out!


This is a great time of year to start taking your dogs for hikes on Mount Lemmon or long walks by the wash. When I first moved to Tucson, I would take my three-year-old lab, Winnie, for hikes around The Loop and I was amazed at all the bugs that would surround the Rillito River wash. It was also a new experience watching all these bugs not only swarm around me, but around my dog.  As the mosquitos started to show up, I wanted to find a way to protect Winnie without using harsh chemicals or spraying her down. That is when I found a fantastic bandana and blanket from Insect Shield!


Insect Shield integrates technology that has been in use for global human health. Several years ago, they started designing items for pet use. Backed by science, their technology binds permethrin to the fabric of the bandanas, blankets and other Insect Shield apparel.  Permethrin compound has been protecting people from insects since 1977.

To put it simply, Insect Shield puts the repellent near your pet’s skin, instead of on it. The fabric repels mosquitos, ticks, ants, fleas, and chiggers!

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All I have to do is put the bandana around my dog’s neck before we go out and both of us can enjoy our time out of the house bug free! The product is odorless and the fabric doesn’t feel caked-on by the repellent. The treatment lasts through 25 cycles in the washing machine. In addition, the colors are bright, vibrant, and very cute!


Finally, the product works for dogs and for people. I have used the Insect Shield blanket when camping or hiking, and it keeps the bugs off of me, too.  I’ve even worn Winnie’s bandana when I have forgotten my own mosquito repellent, and it was less messy and smelly than spray.  

Insect Shield for Pets includes blankets, bandanas, and slings that are carried at PAWSH by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. They can also order Insect Shield cots, exercise pens, tees, and automobile seat protectors. Having the Insect Shield is easy, safe, and puts my mind at ease knowing that my sweet Winnie isn’t being exposed to all the issues that are associated with bug bites!

These products are for sale at PAWSH La Encantada, PAWSH Park Place and PAWSH store at our Main Campus on Kelvin  Blvd. Click here for more information on Insect Shield.


Protecting your pet from mosquitos and ticks is extremely important. As a result of a bite, your dog can contract painful and expensive conditions like tick fever or heartworms.

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month and HSSA is here to spread the word. For the month of April receive a FREE heart worm test, plus a 3 month preventative supply, when you book a full price spay or neuter surgery for your dogs! When you schedule a full price spay or neuter for your cats expect the free heartworm/FIV/FeLV test!

This promotion is good for the entire month of April.

Call our clinic at 520-881-0321 to schedule your appointment! Remember, we are our pets’ only advocates. Make the time and investment to protect your pet from disease caused by bug bites

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