Which Cat Breed Are You Most Compatible With? [Quiz]

Did you know different breeds of cats have different temperaments?

A cat’s temperament can differ even within a breed. It can depend heavily on your cat’s personality. For example, even though most Maine Coons will be independent and most Tortoiseshells will be feisty, yours may not be. The more time you spend with your cat, the more you will learn about his or her personality and temperament. There are, however, some general breed personality traits to consider when adopting a cat! Which cat breed are you most compatible with? Take this quiz and share your result with your friends.

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Do you know your cat’s personality? The “Feline Five”, a study done by Carla Litchfield and colleagues explores the idea that there are five major cat personality factors, and that each individual cat will score along a range for each factor. We think this study is very interesting, and could help us learn more about our feline friends!

Which breed were you compatible with? Leave us a comment below letting us know how you scored! Does it match the cat you already have?

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  1. Ginger describes most of the cats I have had, and they’ve been perfect for me. I don’t have one right now, but I’m sure I’ll find a new cat or kitten among the fosters I’ll be meeting!

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