Paw Print Painting With Shelter Dogs

We’ve been doing so much DIY lately, and we thought it would be cool for our dogs to get in on the action. This is Paw Print Painting With Shelter Dogs.


  • Blank paper or a printed out picture for your dog to walk on
  • A sheet or board to put underneath so the paint doesn’t spill in your house or yard
  • Paper plates to put the paint in
  • Non-toxic, washable kids’ paint

That’s it! This is an easy and fun craft, but don’t forget that your dog might get excited and track paint on the floor or ground. That’s why we used washable paint!


These dogs are both so tolerant, patient, and sweet. They were fully willing and able to participate in this fun craft for dogs. Our goal is to show how wonderful these shelter dogs are, and what great pets they will be once they find their forever homes. Share this video so your friends can see how cute Jett and Panama are!

Watch the sweet video of shelter dogs Jett (820575) and Panama (821245) making DIY paw print art in the yard!

Do you have any idea for fun, pet-focused crafts that you would like to see us do? Let us know in the comments below and we will try it out.

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  1. yes very much so..good photo! having a cat myself I know how soom just seem to move always a minute eo soon..

    I got a service cat there a few yrs ago & Lucky is a totally new cat,,,I have used many cognitive-behavior technigues…she is socialis with eyes, we found the right cat litter (she was declawed at someones place), She plays, not scared all the time(at I time I had 3 safe boxes in my LR,,,,Lucky’s progress goes on & on,,,,I am so grateful to have her in my life!!! And for you having her there in a back rm, because she was so damaged,,,I love LUCKY!!!

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