How Did You Name Your Dog? [Poll]

Fido! Spot! Buddy! Lassie! Patches! Sparky!

There are so many classic dog names. These are names that people have been giving to their dogs for years, or maybe even centuries! And then there are names like…Waffles? Steve? Harry Potter? Benedict Cumberbatch? Snuggles McSnorflebug? It’s a big decision. So how did you name your dog?

The name you choose for your dog can say a lot about you. People might be able to tell that you really like a certain book or movie, or a certain food, or that you have a great sense of humor (or not)! The possibilities for naming your four-legged friend are truly endless. You can be as creative as you want to be, or you can stick with the classics. We want to know how you named your dog! Vote in the poll below. Then leave us a comment below telling us what your dog’s name is and how you named him or her!

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Agatha’s adopter decided she wanted to keep her name the same after leaving the shelter. Would you have done the same? Watch the clip below.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know how you named your canine pal, and check back to see what other people thought of when naming their pooch!

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  1. My boyfriend and I picked the name Anakin for two reasons: he loves star wars and I like names that break gender norms. We call him Ani most of the time 🙂

  2. I’ve had a Yoda, Duke, Bubba, Buddha, Jersey, Beanie, and Louie. Working at an animal shelter, you pick names from all over!

  3. I have an all black cat named Charlotte (from Charlotte’s Web), a three legged kitten named Emmy (Emaline) that my daughter named after a kitten named Emerson that we fostered, and then we have a big lab mix named Elsie who we got while in Germany, so we went with a German name that meant something a long the lines of loyal and noble.

  4. I have three shelter dogs, Scruffy, Emma and Sarge. Scruffy came to us as a puppy with a name that didn’t fit him so we gave him a name that fit his physical characteristics and also paid homage to a TV show my sons love. Emma came to us as an adult with a name that we didn’t like so we changed it to reflect her personality. Sarge also came to us as an adult dog but his name was perfect for him so we kept it.

  5. I named my Shelter Tuxedo Cat PalJoy as I KNEW he would be my PAL and bring me JOY. I call him “PJ.”


  6. I adopted a poodle mix in December. Her long floppy ears turn up on the ends, and it reminds me of a pageboy haircut. So, I changed her shelter name of Jingles to Paige. Her last name is Turner. I’m hoping we can complete the VIP program so we can go to local libraries and schools to assist children in the “read to a dog” program.

  7. I named my petite chihuahua/papillon mix April for several reasons. I got her in April, my birthday is in April and April is a springtime month, and spring is a time of new beginning ….for her and for me. I love her, and now she is a therapy dog. We visit TMC where she brings smiles to everyone she meets. We also visit elderly homes where she is loved by all. What a wonderful dog she is!!

  8. We got a companion for our older cat and named her Anara, after the ‘companion’ character in Firefly (Serenity). Then, because she was part of a matched pair with her sister, of course we had to take both! Her sister became Kaylee, after another female on the show, who is a bit of tomboy (and it fits!).

  9. We adopted Lily from hssa several years ago. She is a sweet chihuahua. Although we did not name her, the name fits her perfectly because she is a beautiful pampered little hot house flower!

  10. I n adopted Phosphorus (ugh) in Jan, 16, I named her Maggie May after the song by Rod Stewart. It has fir so well.

  11. My animal “kids” generally get named (or renamed) by a behavior or special action they do. For example, one of our dogs puts everyone in her mouth, ie: Jaws, & one of our cats can open ANY lock, knob, drawer, cabinet etc, ie: Houdini. The same works for our other kids except Max. That was his name at HSSA & 5 years later still is, with an occasional Butt-Head added. He’s really a great dog, we couldn’t be happier that he’s our furrever boy!

  12. My brother gave me a puppy to remember him by when he went to fight the Japanese during WW2. He told me his name was AMOS. I was 10 years old at the time. He, being a marine, never expected to return home alive. Sixty-seven years later my wife gave me a rescue dog that she decided should be named AMOS since it would probably be my last dog. The fact that I am over 80 years of age, she is probably correct.

  13. I named my rescued puppy Bobby after my brother-in-law. If he had been a female his name would have been Wanda after my sister.

  14. I fostered then adopted my dog. He had stitches in his ear and down the front of both legs. He had been abandoned. Very skinny. My son named him “SCRAPPY” and he responded to his new name.

  15. Our two adopted terriers were named Trix and Trixie. We thought that would be too confusing so
    Trix became Mr. T. Being part Jack Russell (T especially) they are quit a handful.

  16. Our dog came from HSSA named Dylan. We call him Dilly or the Big D, El Magifico, Banana Boy, Mr. Chili Head, etc!!!!!

  17. I named my cat Chedder. Someone taped him in a shoe box in the middle of the summer in Phoenix ( 114 degrees outside)and left him in a bush at Fry’s grocery store. I went in to buy Chedder Cheese. When I game out I heard something meowing and found him taped in the box. So I named him Chedder. He also happened to he orange. I was so lucky to find him before he died in the heat. He was 7 weeks old and now he’s 10 yrs old. Best cat I’ve ever owned. I love him so much!

  18. I named my HSSAZ pup Sitka. I’m from Alaska and yelling out “Here Anchorage”, just didn’t sound right. Sitka is a small, beautiful, quite island and when I passed then “Rea”‘s kennel, she just sat there alone, quite, and beautiful.

  19. I kept my adopted Guinea Pigs name. I don’t name them using human names. I had a book that had suggestions for names. I’ve had so many during my life that it was hard to find new names for them. I usually name them by their appearance or how they act.

  20. When my husband and I got our first dog he tried to name her Princess but she refused to respond to it. So, I went through a book of names and tried saying each name that meant princess to her. She ignored everything until I said Sadie. And so I guess you can say my husband chose the meaning but my dog chose her name.

  21. We adopted our cat Denali from the Humane Society a few years ago. Prior to adopting her we went on a fabulous Alaska vacation including Denali National Park. The name really suits her, she is grey and white and fluffy and very outgoing.

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