DIY Recycled Treat Jars

Jars are very popular right now! People are using them for their weddings, baby showers and much more. But what can you do with all of those jars after your big day? Well, you could try making these recycled treat jars for your furry friend!


These treat jars are so cute, easy, and not to mention good for the environment since they’re recycled!


  • Plastic dog and cat figurines
  • Labels
  • Colorful markers
  • Hot glue gun


First, we hot glued the cat and dog figurines to the lids of the jars. Then, we decorated our labels with the markers and put them on the sides of the jars! All done!


These were so easy, and they are so cute! On Pinterest (and don’t forget to follow The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA)!), there are many tutorials to show you how to paint the jars or add glitter, if you want to get craftier. If you are the crafting type, don’t forget to check out Letters from the Kennel’s blog section Crafts and DIY for more pet-focused projects.


Have a craft idea that you’d like us to try? Leave a comment and we will give it a whirl!

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