Is Your Cat Obsessed with Food?

Is your cat obsessed with food?Is your cat obsessed with food? My cat Holley is. We feed her ¼ cup of food twice a day, as our vet instructed, but she acts like it’s nowhere near enough. She sprints around, meowing and yowling, asking for second and third dinner. The worst part is that she demands food in the very early morning, when we would normally have another 2 hours of sleep before our day begins.

I was excited to research this topic because we definitely need a solution in my house, and I know other cat owners out there are dealing with similar situations!

Here are some pointers to set you in the right direction for curbing your insatiable kitty…

Do they have a health condition that’s causing them to overeat?

The first thing to rule out is a medical condition. Some diseases, like hyperthyroidism or diabetes, can cause cats to have an abnormal appetite. Check with a vet to determine if there are any underlying conditions that need to be addressed. This may correct your kitty’s infatuation with food and help you understand if your cat needs any medication or extra care.

Are they eating enough?

Talk to your vet about how much food your cat should be eating. There are many factors that can affect this, including age. Some of those yowling cats may not be getting enough food and may actually be hungry! Other cats are fibbers who pretend to be starving. Your vet can help you determine who really needs more food, and who’s pulling your leg!

Look into their eating habits. It may be that other family pets may be eating their food. And if your cat looks thin or unhealthy, that is be a good sign that they are legitimately hungry.

Are they getting adequate nutrition?

Cats do best with a diet high in protein and high quality food. Cat food that is on the cheaper side usually contains a lot of fillers. It would be like you eating only junk food; your body would crave nutritious and vitamin-filled food, too!

Try adjusting the brand of food and opt to buy food in which the first few ingredients are meat based. It may help your cat feel fuller for longer, and help them be less fussy.

Are they bored?

Oh, we get it. Eating is a good distraction! Cats can be overeating simply because it is enjoyable to them and they are bored. Try combining activities with eating. Throw pieces of your cat’s food and make them fetch it. That way they are getting a little exercise while they are eating!

You can also get activity boards that hide food and have your cat figure out how to release it!  In my house, we installed shelves for Holley to jump up on. Try putting your cat’s food in a place that makes them work for it.

Is your cat obsessed with food?

We are also going to try an automatic feeder for Holley. I’m hoping it will help her eat on a schedule and complain at the feeder instead of us! I will let you know how that works out.

Do you have any ideas on how to curb food obsession? Leave a comment below.

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