Cute, Easy Way to Hide Your Litter Box

Cute and easy way to hide your litter boxHaving a litter box is a drag…but if you have an indoor cat, then there is no way to avoid it. Follow these easy steps for a cute, easy way to hide your litter box!

When Holley was an itty-bitty kitten, we set up our spare bedroom to be kitten friendly while we were gone. She had a futon, a bunch of toys that I had collected in my, “we’re getting a kitten!” excitement, and her litter box. It worked out well because it was away from our dog and easy for her to access. As she got older, she started to kick more and more litter out onto the carpet. This drove me nuts! It was yucky, and I decided we needed a better solution.


Cute and easy way to hide your litter box

(She was sooooo tiny!!) 

My husband and I made this super simple hidden litter box spot in our spare bathroom. If you have a cabinet that you can convert and don’t mind losing some storage space, this is the solution for you!

Cute and easy way to hide your litter box
  • A drill to take off the cabinet door
  • spring loaded curtain rod
  • Some fabric
  • needle and thread
  • litter box!

This list of supplies was seriously so easy to assemble.

Step 1:

First, I measured the cabinet opening. Then, I went to the fabric store to collect fabric in the correct measurements, and a needle and thread. Make sure you add a couple inches to the length so the fabric can bunch up and not be too tight across.

Step 2:

Buy a curtain rod. Make sure the rod will fit in your cabinet using the measurements you took. We wedged our curtain rod between the two cabinet walls.

Step 3:

I don’t have a sewing machine, so I just doubled the fabric over and sewed it by hand. However, if you have a sewing machine, it would be easier and faster. Make sure you make the loop in the fabric big enough for the curtain rod to fit!

Cute and easy way to hide your litter box

Step 4:

Next, we took off the cabinet door with the drill. Make sure you store the door somewhere safe for the future! Then, we simply slid the fabric over the rod and installed the rod inside the cabinet.

Step 5:

You’re basically done! Just put the litter box on the inside of your cabinet and show your kitty that it is there! I put the litter box on the side that still has a cabinet door, so our pup can’t stick his nose in there and check out the litter. This way, the cat goes through the curtain and goes to the side with the litter box.

Cute and easy way to hide your litter box

This has been awesome for us! Any litter that my cat kicks out is contained in the cabinet and easy for me to vacuum up. You do need to make sure that your dog isn’t able to get into the litter box with it being down on their level.

Cute and easy way to hide your litter box

Also, make sure you clean the litter box regularly! Every time I am going to have people over I make sure to empty it out so our guest bathroom isn’t smelly. Overall, it has been a success!

Let me know if this works out for you! What other ways have you found to hide your litter box? Leave us a comment below!

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