DIY Yarn Picture Frames

Make your own pet framesToday, we made DIY yarn picture frames. We made a frame for one of our favorites cats at the shelter, Baby! She has been with The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) since September 2015. She is adorable, friendly, and healthy, and she also has Feline Leukemia Virus. Cats with FeLV need and deserve homes just as much as the rest, however, since many people aren’t familiar with this virus, they can often be passed over by potential adopters. Check out these 7 myths about FeLV and the corresponding facts! Baby’s adoption fees are discounted, and her adopter will also receive her handmade frame! Now, for the tutorial…








(I collected all of these things from Michael’s craft store!)

-Yarn (as many colors as you would like!)

-Wooden frame (rounded frames will be a lot easier!)

-Photo of cute pet


-Glue gun



Step 1:

Cut your photo to fit the frame. The stock photo that comes with the frame you buy can make a great template, since it’s the perfect size. Make sure your pet’s cute face will fit into the frame. Set your photo aside until the end.

Make your own pet frames

Step 2:

This step is optional. I sprayed some adhesive spray glue onto my wooden frame to help hold the yarn in place, but I didn’t notice it making a huge difference in the final project.

Make your own pet frames

Step 3:

Cut off a piece of yarn and start wrapping it around the frame. If you want to switch off with different colors, just tie the ends of the two different strings in a knot and keep wrapping. You can cover the ends of the knot when you wrap around it, or cut them off. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the back side of the frame looks like. Make sure the front side looks nice and tidy!

Make your own pet framesMake your own pet frames

Keep wrapping until your frame is fully covered. Rounded frames are easier when using yarn, because it’s harder to get the yarn wrapped evenly around sharp corners. I added a second layer of yarn to mine to give it the striped look.

Make your own pet frames

Step 4:

Heat up your glue gun and add decorative embellishments to your frame! I used some wooden shapes from Michael’s. You can glue these directly to the yarn.

Step 5: 

Put your photo in the frame.

Step 6:

Hang up! These frames are nice and soft when they are done! Kids will love to help you with this project, and it’s easy to get them involved. Just be sure to help your kids with the hot glue gun, or do it yourself! Baby loved her frame. Scroll down to see her checking it out!

Make your own pet frames

Make your own pet framesMake your own pet frames

Make your own pet frames

Do you have any crafts for pets that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! And have you seen our Crafts & DIY section of the blog? Check it out for more pet-friendly projects.

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