3 Reasons You Should Adopt a Bonded Pair

Twice the fun, twice the comfort, twice the rescue. A bonded pair of animals has generally grown up together, and they have formed such a close bond that one or both animals respond poorly when not with the other. Why should you adopt a bonded pair? We’re giving you three great reasons. Plus, a video of a sweet bonded pair.

3 reasons you should adopt a bonded pair

At The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), we often see animals come in together that are clearly emotionally attached to each other. Sometimes they are siblings that have grown up together and been released together. Other times they were strays that were found together on the street. We try as hard as we can to adopt out bonded pairs to the same forever home, so they can stay with their companion. People tend to shy away from pets that are labeled as bonded pairs, because they are hesitant about adopting two pets. While, yes, it will be twice the food and twice the medical needs, it will also be twice the love and twice the rescue.

3 reasons you should adopt a bonded pair

It’s twice the fun!

One pet is great, but two is double the fun! When you adopt a bonded pair you are ensured that these two pets get along well and can play without aggression. This is a huge relief when adopting animals. It is hard to know who will get along with who and if your pets will be safe with a new companion. When you adopt a bonded pair, they have gone through evaluations and it is assumed that the two pets will play but not become aggressive towards one another. When pets can play with each other, they won’t need to rely on you as much to drain their excess energy.

3 reasons you should adopt a bonded pair

Mama (805513) 8 year old female & Anastacia (805749) 6 year old female bonded pair available at HSSA main campus

It’s twice the comfort!

When you are away from home, your pet will have a friend to entertain and soothe them. Pets that experience separation anxiety will benefit immensely from that friendship. Pets that will be left alone for long hours can benefit as well. Sometimes, having a warm body near them is enough to feel comforted and supported. When you adopt two pets, you also get double the affection and double the human-animal bond. You will have two friends to greet you when you get home. They will make your home feel more like a family in no time at all.

3 reasons you should adopt a bonded pair

It’s twice the rescue!

It is a huge commitment of time, energy, money, and emotional space to adopt an animal. Adopting two is twice that. However, you are also saving twice as many lives. That’s twice as many animals off the streets. Twice as many animals not neglected or forgotten. Twice as many animals spayed and neutered and thus preventing countless homeless pets in the future. It makes a big impact when you adopt an animal, and adopting two is choosing to open your heart twice as much.

Check out this video of adoptable bonded pair Vicki and Veronica at HSSA main campus. Do you have a bonded pair in your home? Would you feel comfortable adopting a bonded pair? Why or why not? Leave us a comment below letting us know!

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  1. Some senior communities allow only one pet per apartment/unit. I don’t know how one would get around that if you already live in that complex.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words, so how do I post a picture of my bonded pair here? I would post Sophia, my white mini- poodle and her buddy Bruce, my spaniel terrier guy kissing! They are my kids now. To see them, go to #whyisleepwithdogs and #cutestdogcoupleinthe world

  3. I adopted two cockapoo sisters (from the same litter) in June from a Foster group. They filled the hole in my heart that I had when my 13 year old Australian Shepherd passed from cancer in May. These two darlings are beautiful and so lovable.
    One of the best decisions I ever made.

    1. Hey Lori! Two cockapoos are better than one I’m sure! Thanks for adopting a bonded pair and thank you for your comment! Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends so they can learn about the joys of adopting a bonded pair! Share on Facebook

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