The Story Of Hank

The story of hank

I’ve always been a maternal type; loved kids and animals and wanted to care for them. Most people my age were dating and trying to get into bars with fake IDs, and I was home with the man I knew I would marry.

I was young when the urge to be a real grown up became too much to handle. My husband (boyfriend at the time) came home and found me in tears because a serious internal pull was telling me to GET A PUPPY.

Both my husband and I have always loved pets. We especially love dogs and grew up with many family pets. We had talked about getting a dog many times, but never with this amount of certainty. I had just graduated from high school and figured I would have a lot more time on my hands since I would be in college (don’t know where that idea came from!). It was the perfect time to add a puppy to the mix. I argued with my mom on the phone as she warned me about what a GIANT responsibility it is. I told her I would sleep on it.

The next day I was still 10,000% into the idea. My husband was hesitant, but followed my lead. We arrived at the shelter and I was crushed.  There was not one puppy ready for adoption. I walked through the kennels disappointed, but my husband said he wanted to take a look at an older dog we saw when we came in. I hadn’t paid one bit of attention to him during the first trip around.

He was about 50 lbs and a complete goof. He had white and red longish hair and a seriously crazy mohawk that lined his spine, and he was smiley and excited and polite all at once. I was the one that was now on the fence, but my husband came alive when he saw this dog, who wasn’t a puppy and wasn’t small, by any means.

We took him out to the play yard to meet him and he goofed around the fake grass and threw toys to himself. We sat there and watched him. I had never seen such a HAPPY dog. After prancing, he came up to us and scooted his back side in between my husband’s legs. He sat, content. My heart swelled up and I said, “okay! Let’s get him!”

The adrenaline and fear that comes with making this decision is intense. The next two days went on forever as we waited to pick him up after his neutering. He looked sweeter than I remembered. This is our first photo of Hank.

The Story of Hank

Since then, Hank has taught me a million things about myself.  He’s taught my husband and I how to share responsibility and rely on each other. He’s taught us how to handle trauma, and how to love and care for another living thing besides ourselves. It’s so cliché, but I didn’t even know what I wanted until I got Hank.  I thought a puppy was all that would make me happy, but I ended up with an older dog that couldn’t have been one bit more perfect for us.

Expect to see more of Hank and his silliness on this blog. He’s too goofy NOT to share! I know how you all feel about the bond you share with your pets, and I would love to hear about your adoption story in the comments below!

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(This is Hank now! Almost 6 years old and still full of happy!)

The Story of Hank


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